6/23/19 Sermon: The Lord Giveth...

6/16/19 Sermon: A Father Like No Other

6/9/19 Sermon: What Does the Dishwasher Do?   Pt. 2

6/2/19 Sermon: What Does the Dishwasher Do? Pt.1

5/19/19 Sermon: The Living Spirit

5/12/19 Sermon: Mother's Day

5/5/19 Sermon: What Did Jesus Do?

4/28/19 Sermon: Today

4/21/19 Sermon: The Rest of the Story

4/14/19 Sermon: The Prodigal Son

3/31/19 Sermon: Seasons Can Change

3/17/19 Sermon: Moving to Godliness

3/10/19 Sermon: Back to Godliness

3/3/19 Sermon: Emphasis

2/24/19 Sermon: Godliness, For the Sake of It

2/17/19 Sermon: Becoming More Like Your Grandparents

2/10/19 Sermon: Gentlemen, This is a Football

1/27/19 Sermon: For the Sake of Godliness

1/20/19 Sermon: Why Be Disciplined?

1/13/19 Sermon: For the Purpose of Godliness PART 2